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You’re doing something smart. You’re applying, to YOUR life, the central concept of the top book in the world on success– Think and Grow Rich. Appreciate the profound logic of doing that. The result? This gives you an “advantage” in life. Seriously! The unfair EDGE you’ve been looking for. It only takes 12 minutes a day.

Imagine having a level of control over your life beyond what you’ve ever experienced before. Having the ability to create “The Exceptional Life”. Imagine the impact of materially increasing your annual income. Picture impacting your romantic relationship. Having that deep connection you so long for. Imagine having control over your health and appearance. This is truly a “Success Formula”. A new way of THINKING, a new way of doing life.
Here's how our online course works:
It’s 3 steps. First you watch our videos. Learn the science you’re applying to your life to UP your success. Secondly, you answer our questionnaire, to get clarity about your life. And third, you create YOUR visualization- customized to your life- using our powerful template.                                                     
You also get:
  • Personal growth – at 5 AM every Monday morning: Curated content from the “best of the best” experts. In key areas you need as an entrepreneur. The content is audio, so you can listen to it while you’re doing something else. Exercising or driving in your car. 
  • A way to just “THINK” – 2 times a week: Each session is 15 – 30 minutes. It stimulates your creativity. We teach you how to do this.
  • Top 10 lessons of being an entrepreneur-video: From 2 entrepreneurs who make 7 figures a year.
These are just some of the things we provide you in our course “The Entrepreneur Success Formula – the foundation for creating “The Exceptional Life”.

Your personal motto becomes “What you envision in detail on a daily basis is what shows up in your life”. That’s the central concept of Think and Grow Rich. A book that is sold over 100 million copies. The next best selling book on success has sold under 10 million. You’re doing something smart!                           
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