Transform your Mindset, Improve Your Income, and Create the Life YOU Want!
Apply The Central Concept Of The Top Book The World On Success To Your Life
There is one book on the topic of success that’s been read by over 100 million people. Whereas the next best selling book on success has been read by less than 10 million people. That book is Think and Grow Rich. So it’s the top book in the world on SUCCESS by a factor of 10! Yet only one in six people has ever heard of it and  only one  in 100 knows the book’s central concept. Yet everyone wants to be more successful.
The MEntal "RoadBlOCK" That Stops COUNTLESS PEOPLE
In today's society it is easier than ever to have our attention pulled in an endless amount of directions.   However, did you know that there is a system inside of your brain that can allow you to unlock more success and eliminate many of the self-imposed road blocks that people self impose?
The 12 Minute Daily routine that can Change Your Life FoREVER!
We know that this sounds too good to be true, but we promise... it's not!   During the webinar we will show you the simple 12-minute per day technique that you can use to achieve more momentum in your life than ever before.  This simple, but effective technique can also help you to ensure that you never feel "stuck" again!
During the webinar, you will learn the central concept of the legendary book "Think and Grow Rich."  The book and it's content is world-class.  But... Only 1% of the readers actually apply the central concept to achieve success in their life.  During the webinar, not only will you learn the central concept, you will also learn how to apply it to your life for more success. 
About Your Hosts
John Mitchell
Kelly Hatfield
When John Mitchell read the book Think and Grow Rich as he turned 50, he discovered a problem. There wasn’t a practical way to apply the book’s central concept. Wanting “The Exceptional Life”, and feeling the pressure that time was running out, over nine years John created and then refined this 12 minute a day mental technique. It applies the legendary book’s central concept. When he applied it to his own life, he saw his income go up by 25 times, over what it was the prior 20 years. To over $5 million a year. Also met his wife from doing it. He then made it work on other people.  

Then he introduced this daily mental technique to Kelly Hatfield. It took her annual earnings to seven figures a year as well. Kelly eventually became John’s partner. Today John is on the faculty of one the “TOP 10” business schools in the country – The McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. He’s been an entrepreneur for over 35 years. Kelly is a successful entrepreneur in her own right. With over 10 years experience as an entrepreneur, developing three multi-million dollar a year businesses. Together John and Kelly teach this daily mental technique to people “DRIVEN” to achieve more, giving them a true “advantage” in life, an unfair EDGE.
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