A surprising fact about SUCCESS. There is one book on the topic that has been read by over 100 million people. The next best selling book on success has been read by less than 10 million people. That book is Think and Grow Rich. So it’s the top book on SUCCESS by a factor of 10.
Yet only one in six people has ever heard of this legendary book. And only one in 100 know the book's central concept.
The book says there’s a “secret” to creating success. But it only gives you half of the secret. It’s on you to figure out the other half. That’s why less than 1% are able to apply the wisdom of this legendary book from just reading it. In our webinar, we give you the full secret, and the book’s central concept. Most importantly, we explain how to apply it in 12 minutes a day. This is a proven "Success Formula".         
The primary thing Oprah, Tony Robbins, and Elan Musk attribute their success to is influencing their daily mindset. And their daily mindset is determined by their morning routine.
Do you have a morning routine ...that impacts your mindset?
If not, consider learning our 12 minute a day mental technique as your new morning routine.It applies the central concept of the top book the world on success to YOUR life.
Imagine substantially increasing your annual income. The lifestyle that would bring. Imagine creating that "connected" romantic relationship you so long for. Imagine controlling your health. 
Today the creator of this 12 minute a day mental technique teaches it at the University of Texas in Austin. So it's well vetted. Read the story below of the hosts, both going from many years of 6 figures a year to 7.
This is applying "science" to your life, to UP your success. Something you may have never thought of doing before. But it's science that was profiled on the cover of Time magazine.
Imagine finally having CONTROL over your life. Greatly reducing stress... from living a life of immense intention and clarity. You attract what you want, repel what you don’t. This is a new way of "thinking", a new way of doing life. This is for serious players in the "game of life". People driven to achieve more. Is that you? This is working smarter!
During the webinar, you will learn the central concept of the legendary book "Think and Grow Rich."  The book and it's content is world-class.  But... Only 1% of the readers actually apply the central concept to achieve success in their life.  During the webinar, not only will you learn the central concept, you will also learn how to apply it to your life for more success. 
About Your Hosts
John Mitchell
Kelly Hatfield
When John Mitchell turned 50, he wasn't as successful as he thought he should be. So he decided to read the top book in the world on SUCCESS (Think & Grow Rich). But he discovered a problem. There wasn’t a practical way to apply the book's central concept. So John created a 12 minute a day mental technique, as his new morning routine. It impacted his daily mindset. The results? John saw his income go up by 25 times, over what it was the prior 20 years. To over $5 million a year. Also met his wife from doing it. He then made it work on other people.
  Then he met Kelly Hatfield. He introduced this daily mental technique to her. She made it her new morning routine, and it took Kelly's annual earnings to seven figures a year as well. She eventually became John’s partner.
Today John is on the faculty of one the “TOP 10” business schools in the country – The McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. He’s been an entrepreneur for over 35 years. Kelly is a successful entrepreneur in her own right. With over 10 years experience as an entrepreneur, developing three multi-million dollar a year businesses. Together John and Kelly teach driven people like you this daily mental technique. So you can do what every mega achiever does...impact your daily mindset with your morning routine.
This gives you a true “advantage” in life, an unfair EDGE.   
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